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Welcome to Australia's Leading Online Supplier of Stones, Crystals & More.

A friend asked me to describe why people are interested in crystals and what is a crystal/stone. So here is my version...

To me it's FREE WILL! With no rules, no religion, it's full of energy a crystal/stone and you are ENERGY, we are all full of energy.

So then she said, "Well how can a crystal/stone have healing benefits?" Well many years ago I thought it all was a load of bull, too. How could a crystal/stone do all these things I honestly thought that you were drinking a fine drop or smoking some funny stuff, if you thought that a crystal/stone has energy with healing benefits. But it's all true!!! It really does. This amazes me still constantly. I have watched many people who are blown away when meeting a crystal for the first time, with the connection that is made.

What can you feel with a crystal/stone?

This can be a wide range of emotions or feelings that flow thru your body.

  • Tingling in your fingers
  • The crystal heating up in your hand
  • Pulsing or a vibration
  • An inner knowing that this feels just right
  • Calmness
  • Your breath quickening
  • A sudden rush of energy running through your body
  • Shivers down your spine
  • A sense of LOVE

The only way to find out what is a crystal/stone is too buy one and start your own journey down this path.

So many people will say to do this or do that, this is right or this is wrong. Who do you believe?

Believe YOU!

Trust your own intuition.

I listen and read a lot of people's idea's... YES THAT'S RIGHT!!

It is only people's ideas. There is no rules, this is my belief. I trust what feels right to me not some rule that a person is stating. Just go with what resonates with you. The only rule I have is that you cleanse and re-charge your crystal/stone and learn to look after them when come into your life.

So read, ask questions along your journey, and work out your own formula. Enjoy the magic of crystals.

Caution - Please Take Note!
That the crystals/ stones healing benefits are not a replacement for any medical treatment, no claims are made. These healing powers are gathered from various sources throughout time. As crystals/ stones energies are very powerful take care. If any doubt arises stop use and consult a qualified crystal practitioner.